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09:29pm 15/02/2004
  hey guys! i'm (obviously) new here.. but i really liked the idea of your community.. on top of the fact that i desperately need a place to bitch about the annoying people in my life! i just started a community of my own teens_for_teens. i hope that it will be a place for teens to go to talk about anything.. problems, get advice, chat about their interests, and basically express themselves.

so, well, if you guys like that idea - you guys can join to help it out a bit
04:58am 15/06/2002
mood: drunk
I just joined, and I'm 20, does thaty county? or shall I unjoin? I do have many gripes thoughh..... my keybnoard is bnroken and my new job sucks....

take care
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My m0m 
11:26pm 14/06/2002
  Anyone else out there have a mom that just won't lay off your back. No matter what I do, or how great I do it, it is never good enough.

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Welcome to Gripe Day.   
11:19pm 14/06/2002
mood: accomplished
Welcome into the community that encourages your complaints. Rant and Rave until your heart is content.

Please read all rules before joining, any rules broken, depending on sitation could result in bieng booted from the group.